Prosthodontics (Dentures)

Dentures in Encinitas and Mammoth Lakes, CA

When a patient’s dental health has collapsed to the point where nearly all of their teeth are missing or need extraction, this can be cosmetically embarrassing. More importantly, it can lead to nutritional deficiencies, changes in bite alignment, speech problems, and jawbone deterioration.

The solution is to regain your smile and chewing ability with dentures. Dr. Comfort fits patients with full or partial dentures at his Encinitas and Mammoth Lakes offices.

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What are dentures?

dentures in encinitasA denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures can be full (replacing all the teeth on either the upper or lower jaw) or partial. Partial dentures are sometimes called bridges. Complete dentures are called conventional or “permanent,” and are placed two to three months after tooth extraction. Another term you may have heard is “immediate dentures,” but immediate dentures are simply temporary dentures that are used while your gums heal and your conventional/permanent dentures are being fabricated.

How will dentures help me?

Some people wonder just what dentures would do for them beyond being able to chew harder foods. Well-fit, modern dentures with Dr. Comfort go beyond those benefits. Some ways in which dentures benefit a patient:

  • Improved ability to chew and bite properly
  • Allow the patient to eat healthy hard foods such as nuts and fruit
  • Improve the wearer’s self-confidence and self-image
  • End the slurred consonant sounds created by missing teeth
  • Improve the wearer’s facial structure
  • Keep remaining teeth from moving (partial dentures)

How are dentures made?

The process of receiving dentures from Dr. Comfort is involved. It usually takes from two to three months and involves many fittings. In many cases, the first step in the denture process is to remove badly decayed teeth. So that you’re able to chew while your gums heal, Dr. Comfort makes “immediate dentures.”

  1. Your jaws are measured and a series of impressions are taken.
  2. We use the impressions to make “demo dentures” out of wax or plastic. These are made in the exact shape and position of your conventional dentures, and they are used to check color, shape, thickness, fit, and function.
  3. Once Dr. Comfort and you agree that you like the fit and structure, final impressions are made. These are sent to the dental lab for fabrication.
  4. When the dentures are finished, Dr. Comfort tests them for the proper fit and makes the necessary further adjustments. From there, he will probably make a few more small adjustments as you get used to wearing your new dentures.

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How long do dentures last?

dentures patient in encinitas californiaComplete dentures usually last from five to seven years.

At some point, they usually need to be relined, rebased, or remade, as your underlying gum tissues and jawbone change over time.

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